Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day

Well another Christmas day over,  take a long time coming but over in a flash.  Had the family to Christmas dinner this year,  7 of them, cooked the turkey, a huge thing the day before and so glad I did as it took up the whole oven and seemed like hours before it was done.  I had requests for different veggies, I wouldnt have done so many and was in danger of running out of saucepans and oven dishes but it all worked out well and everything was cooked to perfection in the end, enjoyed it very much. 

We all had a good time, well they said they did and played trivial for a while, older questions in this one so just up my street, dont know if I would cope with some modern questions.

Still not done any parchment but fully intend to start soon, arm has healed up well although still going up the hospital twice a week, getting to know the routine now although they were too busy to see me Friday so had to go to Doctors instead, Doc was not happy but did take some blood although I must have picked Mrs dracula the result being 2 very bruised arms again, not had a nurse like that before who did so much damage and then hospital when they rang me later with my results wanted me to go to docs again so I refused so hospital have fitted me in. 

Been warmish today, not cold at all, not a proper winter, YET,  gosh did I temp it,  probably wake up to snow now, funny, all the years I was at work and had a job getting down the road to the bus stop through either thick ice or snow making it so slippy and this year now Im not at work its so mild. 

Doesnt seem like much on tv tonight, load of rubbish on today, all repeats of young childrens programmes, cant see why the people who arrange the programmes to be on think loads of children are watching,  Its so rubbish I think I will get some parchment paper out and make a start on something.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Well not been around for a while and everything changes.  Cant do a lot with a poorly very bruised arm so thought a tidy up was in order on here now I can type with 2 hands again.  Very difficult using only one hand for everything but very necessary to do what hospital tells you and not use it. 

I did some parchment cards though before so will try and find them on computer and put them on.  Also been doing a lot of cooking, an old hobby but a good one.

I must get this blog in order and try and learn the new rules about it but for now

Such a pretty card from the November parchment mag by Christine Coleman, all done in inks, think I used about 3 different colour blue.  Will certainly use this method again as loved doing it,  one for a frame though as its a bit too large for a card.

Not very exciting but they were practice pieces.  I found that not doing parchment for quite a long while I was really out of practice and couldnt seem to do anything right so though start again simply.

One of my own designs,  even did the border freehand and very pleased with it, would probably make a good winter scene as well, used promarkers for the shading, still love promarkers can do so much with them.

Must get going again and do some more.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Blimey where did June go to?

Been busy out in the garden, growing a lot of the things I like this year but its constant watching for all those bugs that also like to eat what I do.  Had a lot of strawberrys and raspberrys eating those every day, love em.  Beans had loads of flowers on them but flowers have all dropped off without leaving any little beans so dont know what went wrong there and am hoping for some more flowers later, think its been a bit hot for them to set as the bees have been busy polinating them, love my beans and would be quite upset not to get any after the work of growing them.  Rest of garden is, I think, looking its best, lots of colour, loving it, its so nice to go for a walk out there. 

This one is from a picture in a book with a random border

This one and the next one are downloaded images from Make it Crafty

another one from MIC, a good image for loads of events, loved doing this one added my own wording to the middle

 Also been sorting and looking through loads of my magazines, Parchment Mags for old images and patterns that I missed doing at the time, loads to keep me busy. 

Nice little pattern with a stamped image in the centre

A Dorothy Holness Pattern with my own border

Monday, 2 May 2011

Its May Now

so where did April go.  Lovely weather so was out in garden a lot, got all my seeds off to a good start, its a lot colder now but mainly due to a very high wind so if you can get out of it your ok.  Lots to do in the garden, grass cutting and hedges, -  boring but still need to be done so am busy.  Lovely time of year though, with all the little birds calling to each other, well they are probably all saying keep away but it is noisy with them outside.

Saw theee wedding on telly,  wasnt going to, but all the hype got me going so was only going to see what dress she was wearing but saw most of it in the end,  where else can you get such pagentry done so well, it did remind me a bit of weddings long ago especially as her veil was from a time gone by,  bits were a bit medieval seemed at times to be a film.  But was really lovely and I am sure it was enjoyed by all.  Good luck to them both, I hope it works out but think a lot has been learned since Diane and Charles so have my fingers crossed. Difficult though.

Made a few cards, This one on black parchment from this months parchment mag by Kannikar Suksuree although I have done my own border to it as not a lover of embossing through the grid, makes me have cramp so just a small border done on coloured parchment as I thought it went with it.  Not that brilliant bit dark, think I prefer using black parchment with white.

stamped this one and painted it, went a bit drastic with the black shading though
but it looks good from a distance

Did this one a while back but hadnt put a backing on it, its from MCS parchment disc,
Another one from Patsy Mays 1000 disc, really like this disc, so many good images on it
and the last one

another one from Patsy Mays 1000 images

So windy outside today,  sun is quite hot but wind is ruining it,  think I may stay indoors and start another card.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Nearly Middle of March

already, cant believe it, its still cold in this part of the country but have had some beautiful sunny days recently, makes a difference to how you feel. 

Another week of antibiotic drops and anti swelling drops then hospital visit and hopefully can at least get rid of the antibiotics,  cant go far as every 4 hours I need to use them and they have to be kept in the fridge so cant take them out with me.  Still I can still see, havent worn my glasses now for over 5 weeks, dont need them, will need some to read as cant now see close up, could always see very close up but its the opposite now, never ever thought though that I would be able to do without glasses.

Have been making cards but doing some stamping for a change, havent tried using a grid yet and will have to have some glasses for that, no rush it will all come together in the end. 

Been out into the garden, now have a robin carrying old leaves and twigs into the ivy near my house, hope he knows that a cat lives here,  have taken some lovely photos but will have to get them off the camera and on to here.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

And now Comes March

In with a smile really, its cold, very cold but the sun has been out for the last couple of days so its nice and light and bright outside,  Hurray, makes you feel hemmed in when the days are so dark all the time.

Well I have had both my eyes done now, last one was done couple of days ago so vision isnt that good but am hoping it improves, the pupil is still a bit enlarged so must give it time. But for anyone who has to have their eyes done there is nothing to worry about, apparently its the most common operation done in this country.

One I did a while back, wanted to put a picture on here but obviously havent done any for a while.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

February already

and a short month, birds are buzzing around trying to find nesting spots, couple of little blue tits have chosen to examine a bird box I put up on my shed, really for decoration, didnt think they would find it good for bringing a family up in as its rather near the house and the cat but I suppose its easier to keep the cat away from it if I can see where he is.

I have finished some parchment pieces meant to put them on before but here they are.

Butterfly is from an old, really old book, not the same but similar

This one is from March 2011 Parchment Mag its a pattern by Kannikar Sukseree an A4 which I shall frame, Not decided yet what colour backing I shall put behind it.

My own work

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rushing About

and I am trying to get tidy and finish off some cards, have to go into hospital just a short stay to have an operation on eye, have some bad cataracts first one eye and then have the other one done so will be seeing differently, am panicking now thinking I may not be able to see the grids properly to do parchment work. Hey ho everyone tells me I will be fine, well we will see, but not looking forward.

Have finished a couple of parchment cards done with pencils, unfortunately you dont see the lovely shine on them when they are scanned.  I will put them on here in a little while.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Some Cards

I have done, stamping for a change

Stamped both the backing and the image

didnt quite know what to do with this image was soon solved with a ribbon

similar to the one above

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Welcome 2011

Well Christmas is all over once again, didnt do much, some family visiting and this year I did the food, a lovely chicken curry which I think everyone enjoyed, well they cleared their plates anyway.

I have been busy clearing out a spare room I have, have had carpet laid, bought a lovely new table, had a new aerial fitted to the tv in that room and have now taken most of my craft stuff into the room.  At the moment its really tidy and looks good but cant see it staying like that for long.  I have been making some cards, few parchment ones but have been stamping some and am very pleased with them.  Will put some on here again when I get them on the computer later. 

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