Thursday, 17 February 2011

February already

and a short month, birds are buzzing around trying to find nesting spots, couple of little blue tits have chosen to examine a bird box I put up on my shed, really for decoration, didnt think they would find it good for bringing a family up in as its rather near the house and the cat but I suppose its easier to keep the cat away from it if I can see where he is.

I have finished some parchment pieces meant to put them on before but here they are.

Butterfly is from an old, really old book, not the same but similar

This one is from March 2011 Parchment Mag its a pattern by Kannikar Sukseree an A4 which I shall frame, Not decided yet what colour backing I shall put behind it.

My own work

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rushing About

and I am trying to get tidy and finish off some cards, have to go into hospital just a short stay to have an operation on eye, have some bad cataracts first one eye and then have the other one done so will be seeing differently, am panicking now thinking I may not be able to see the grids properly to do parchment work. Hey ho everyone tells me I will be fine, well we will see, but not looking forward.

Have finished a couple of parchment cards done with pencils, unfortunately you dont see the lovely shine on them when they are scanned.  I will put them on here in a little while.

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