Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day

Well another Christmas day over,  take a long time coming but over in a flash.  Had the family to Christmas dinner this year,  7 of them, cooked the turkey, a huge thing the day before and so glad I did as it took up the whole oven and seemed like hours before it was done.  I had requests for different veggies, I wouldnt have done so many and was in danger of running out of saucepans and oven dishes but it all worked out well and everything was cooked to perfection in the end, enjoyed it very much. 

We all had a good time, well they said they did and played trivial for a while, older questions in this one so just up my street, dont know if I would cope with some modern questions.

Still not done any parchment but fully intend to start soon, arm has healed up well although still going up the hospital twice a week, getting to know the routine now although they were too busy to see me Friday so had to go to Doctors instead, Doc was not happy but did take some blood although I must have picked Mrs dracula the result being 2 very bruised arms again, not had a nurse like that before who did so much damage and then hospital when they rang me later with my results wanted me to go to docs again so I refused so hospital have fitted me in. 

Been warmish today, not cold at all, not a proper winter, YET,  gosh did I temp it,  probably wake up to snow now, funny, all the years I was at work and had a job getting down the road to the bus stop through either thick ice or snow making it so slippy and this year now Im not at work its so mild. 

Doesnt seem like much on tv tonight, load of rubbish on today, all repeats of young childrens programmes, cant see why the people who arrange the programmes to be on think loads of children are watching,  Its so rubbish I think I will get some parchment paper out and make a start on something.

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