Saturday, 15 September 2012

well not been on here for a while, I have set up a new blog so dont suppose I will be visiting much from now on.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Back to Blogging

Well, havent been on here for some time now,  didnt feel like parchment for a while and have now gotten into sewing again,  been doing some quilting just to get my hand in again and will put some of the things (not a lot though) Ive done later but am now making other things and will be putting piccies of those on as well,

This is just being put on for me to get started.

Olympic year, only another 19 days to go, Cant get excited about it though as it will put a stop to me going to London and anywhere near London for a while, it will I suppose also alter all the tv programmes, I dont mind watching a bit but am not into sports to have to watch it all the time instead of some of my favourite programmes.  An excuse to do some more crafting I suppose.

I went and saw the Olympic torch rushing through our town yesterday, couldnt believe the amount of people that turned out,  must have been just over a mile up to our town of about 2/3 deep and then in our town about 10 deep right through the town which is quite long.  Made me feel good that we can put on a show if we need to.  There were a few grumbles as the traffic wasnt stopped for it so the little kids were in danger of getting run over as the road was getting narrower and narrower due to people in the road trying to see where the torch was.  Then there were a few VIPs that seemed to think standing in front of the barriers and so stopping peoples view was a good idea.  Still it was enjoyable to see the crowds even though all the pubs and coffee places were full up and we couldnt get a drink, good for business though.

Will add more later.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Oh its sooooo cold today, not windy though which I suppose is a bonus.  Been to town as someone wanted my blood again but much better phlebotomist this time, not a very happy one and receptionist threw a wobbly when I called her a nurse, well I thought phlebotomists were also nurses, get it right sometime,  she was though much better although had to put a huge thick pad on to stop it bleeding too much.

Market in centre of town now, not a bit like the old market though that had its own quite large place, that is now a car park, this is the only place they cant get some money out of people, much to small to park.  All the dignitaries were there today, town cryer, mayor,  the little French councillor and loads of others all blocking people who were just trying to shop by all lining up for a photo shoot and getting really annoyed by people saying excuse me to get by them.  I nearly went round the front and stand right in front to be in the photo, what could they have done,  they could only have asked me to move couldnt they, they couldnt have manhandled me out of the way, or could they.  So many of them, and all for 6 stalls selling (apart from the veggie man) a load of rubbish.  Not at all like the old market which had been there for years and years,  where will the meat man or the clothes or the sewing accessories stalls go, no room.  I was glad to go into Boots and get a bit warm, mind you I was about the only person in there.

I am doing some ATCs, some parchment ones for a change,  I was asked for some samples a while back and ATCs would have been just right.  Will put some on here when Ive finished them,  I used to love doing ATCs but havent done any for a long while now. 

Looks a bit like snow to me,  its cold enough but my house is lovely and warm.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well, another year is here 2012, the year of the Olympics.  Not much interested in Olympics and get bored to tears when they keep showing things about it on the telly.  I will watch some during the 2 weeks its on but dont have much interest in most of the sports and am certainly not at all interested in keep seeing things about it. 

Have done some parchment this week, hurray,  about time I did some.  I have scanned it on a different scanner and dont think its come out very well, must get my old scanner out as that one was good for showing it in almost real life.

Its a Pergamano pattern sheet, not sure of the number as have mislaid it although I must find it because there are some others on it that I would like to do.

Am quite pleased with this one and will probably do it again sometime.

I hope everyone has a very good New Year and that the whole year is a good one.

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