Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well, another year is here 2012, the year of the Olympics.  Not much interested in Olympics and get bored to tears when they keep showing things about it on the telly.  I will watch some during the 2 weeks its on but dont have much interest in most of the sports and am certainly not at all interested in keep seeing things about it. 

Have done some parchment this week, hurray,  about time I did some.  I have scanned it on a different scanner and dont think its come out very well, must get my old scanner out as that one was good for showing it in almost real life.

Its a Pergamano pattern sheet, not sure of the number as have mislaid it although I must find it because there are some others on it that I would like to do.

Am quite pleased with this one and will probably do it again sometime.

I hope everyone has a very good New Year and that the whole year is a good one.

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