Monday, 2 May 2011

Its May Now

so where did April go.  Lovely weather so was out in garden a lot, got all my seeds off to a good start, its a lot colder now but mainly due to a very high wind so if you can get out of it your ok.  Lots to do in the garden, grass cutting and hedges, -  boring but still need to be done so am busy.  Lovely time of year though, with all the little birds calling to each other, well they are probably all saying keep away but it is noisy with them outside.

Saw theee wedding on telly,  wasnt going to, but all the hype got me going so was only going to see what dress she was wearing but saw most of it in the end,  where else can you get such pagentry done so well, it did remind me a bit of weddings long ago especially as her veil was from a time gone by,  bits were a bit medieval seemed at times to be a film.  But was really lovely and I am sure it was enjoyed by all.  Good luck to them both, I hope it works out but think a lot has been learned since Diane and Charles so have my fingers crossed. Difficult though.

Made a few cards, This one on black parchment from this months parchment mag by Kannikar Suksuree although I have done my own border to it as not a lover of embossing through the grid, makes me have cramp so just a small border done on coloured parchment as I thought it went with it.  Not that brilliant bit dark, think I prefer using black parchment with white.

stamped this one and painted it, went a bit drastic with the black shading though
but it looks good from a distance

Did this one a while back but hadnt put a backing on it, its from MCS parchment disc,
Another one from Patsy Mays 1000 disc, really like this disc, so many good images on it
and the last one

another one from Patsy Mays 1000 images

So windy outside today,  sun is quite hot but wind is ruining it,  think I may stay indoors and start another card.

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