Monday, 4 July 2011


Blimey where did June go to?

Been busy out in the garden, growing a lot of the things I like this year but its constant watching for all those bugs that also like to eat what I do.  Had a lot of strawberrys and raspberrys eating those every day, love em.  Beans had loads of flowers on them but flowers have all dropped off without leaving any little beans so dont know what went wrong there and am hoping for some more flowers later, think its been a bit hot for them to set as the bees have been busy polinating them, love my beans and would be quite upset not to get any after the work of growing them.  Rest of garden is, I think, looking its best, lots of colour, loving it, its so nice to go for a walk out there. 

This one is from a picture in a book with a random border

This one and the next one are downloaded images from Make it Crafty

another one from MIC, a good image for loads of events, loved doing this one added my own wording to the middle

 Also been sorting and looking through loads of my magazines, Parchment Mags for old images and patterns that I missed doing at the time, loads to keep me busy. 

Nice little pattern with a stamped image in the centre

A Dorothy Holness Pattern with my own border

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